Connor Callaway

Postdoctoral scholar

Hello! I'm Connor Callaway, a Risko lab postdoc. I received my BS from the University of Kentucky and my PhD from Georgia Tech, both in materials science. I love video games, dogs, hiking, and discovering new world music. Teaching is one of my greatest joys, so I'm always happy to try to help if I can!

Joel Bombile

Postdoctoral scholar

Siamak Mahmoudi

Postdoctoral scholar

Hi! I received my BS and MS in Iran and then my PhD from the University of Kentucky, all in mechanical engineering, and then joined Risko's group where I engage in the automation of electrochemistry experiments. I spend my free time with my dog. 

Uswaththa Perera

Graduate student

Rebekah Duke

Graduate student

I obtained a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Lipscomb University in May of 2020. My current research focuses on polymeric dihedral angle rotations. I am a researcher and developer for D3TaLES. Outside of the lab, I enjoy cooking and baking, exploring the outdoors with my husband and dog Maxwell, and dabbling in amateur philosophy.

Moses Ogbaje

Graduate student

I obtained my bachelor's degree in industrial chemistry from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in May of 2028. I am currently focusing on the development and implementation of computational approaches to study and discover organic semiconductors. Outside research, I am a big fan of chess, music and Marvel movies.

Kehinde Fagbohungbe

Graduate student

Hello! I am a graduate student in the University of Kentucky (UK) Department of Chemistry, with affiliation to the UK Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER). I currently do computational materials chemistry research, with a focus on atomistic molecular dynamics simulation of conjugated polymer systems for flexible electronics and renewable energy applications.

Sashen Ruhunage

Graduate student

I am a chemistry graduate student with a strong interest in computational chemistry. I have completed my undergraduate studies at the Institute of Chemistry Ceylon, College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka. Alongside my academic pursuits, I am passionate about video games, basketball, and traveling.

Jordan Chelle

Graduate student

Hello all. I am Jordan. I am a pre-qualified chemistry graduate student emphasizing in computational chemistry. I earned my undergraduate degree from Doane University in the spring of 2019, where I Majored in Chemistry and Minored in Mathematics. My current focus of research is use of Bayesian Optimization in Chemistry. 

Megan Brown

Graduate student

Hi, I am Megan Brown, a graduate student in the Risko Group. I received my Bachelors of Science in Chemistry in the spring of 2022 from Centre College. My research currently focuses on characterizing the chemistry and morphology of polymer-electrolyte interfaces involved in charge transport. Outside of research, I enjoy crocheting, baking bread, and spending time with my pets.

Sahar Bayat

Graduate student

Hello! I am Sahar!  I received my bachelor and master degree in catalyses chemistry from Shahid Beheshti Uiversity, Iran. Currently I am a graduate student at University of Kentucky at Risko's lab. My  areas of work include transition metal chalcogenide catalyses and MD simulation. Aside from my studies and research I enjoy outdoor activities and of course love to spend time with my cat!

Kyle Eldridge

Undergraduate student

Shasanka Lamichhane

Undergraduate student

I am an undergraduate chemistry major and I have been working with the Risko group since 2023. Currently, I am interested in studying the crystallization dynamics of redox-active molecules and developing ways to automate the computational study of small systems. In my free time, I love to travel and run.

Vijaykumar Karthikeyan

High school student

Hey! I am a student at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School ’24. I am in the MSTC Program at Dunbar and that has allowed me to pursue research. I love science and I am grateful I have been able to learn so much here at Risko Lab. Outside of that I love sports and spend a lot of my time outside on the Soccer Field!

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